Important Sports & Games Terminologies- PDF

There are hundreds of games and sports including; football, cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis, golf, and others are played all around the world. Different terminology is used while playing these games. Here is the list of the commonly used terminologies related to various sports and games.

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Complete list of Important Games and Sports Terminologies

Badminton: Angled Drive Serve, Backhand Low Serve, Bird, Deuce, Double Group, Fault, Flick Serve, Forehand Smash, Let, Lob, Love All, net Shots, Rush, Smash

Baseball: Base, Battery, Bunting, Catcher, Diamond, Hitter, Home Infield, Outfield, Pinch, Pitcher Plate, Pullout, Short Stop, Strike.

Basketball: Ball, Basket, Blocking, Dribbling, Free Throw, Held Ball, Holding, Jump Ball, Multiple Throws, Pivot.

Billiards: Baulk Line, Break, Bolting, Cannon, Cue, Hazard, In-off, Jigger, Long Jenney, Pot, Scratch, Screw Back, short Stop, Strike.

Boxing: Ausiliary Point System, Babit Punch, Break, Cut, Defence, Down, Hook, Jab, Lying On, Knock, Seconds out, Slam, Upper Cut, Weight In, Win by Knock-out.

Bridge: Auction, Bid, Chicane, Cut, Declarer, Doubleton, Dummy, Finesse, Grand Slam, Little Slam, Notrumps, Over-trick, Revoke, rubber, Ruff, Shuffle, Suit, Vulnerable.

Chess: Bishop, Capture, Castling, Checkmate, En Passant, Gambit, Grand Master, King, Knight, Pawn, Queen, Rook, Stalemate, Under Promoting.

Cricket: Ashes, Banana, Boundary, Bowling, Caught, Chinaman, Cover Drive, Crease, Doosra, Duck, Duckworth-Lewis Rule, Fine Leg, Follow On, Full Toss, Gardening, Googly, Gully, Hat-trick, Hit Wicket, Inswinger, l.b.w., Leg-break, Leg-bye, Leg Glance, late Cut, maiden Over, No Ball, Off Break, On Drive, Out, Outswinger, Over, Mandatory Over, over Pitch, Popping Crease, Rubber, Run Down, Run Out, Short Pitch, Silly Point, Slip, Square Leg, Stone Walling, Straight Drive, Stumped, Short leg, Spin, Swing, Third man, Yorker.

Croquet: Hoops, Mallet, Peg Out.

Draughts: Huff

Football: Advantage Clause, Blind Side, Centre Forward, Corner Kick, Dead Ball, Direct Free Kick, Dribble, Goal kick, Golden Goal, Hat-trick, Marking, OffSide, Penalty Kick, Penalty Shootout, Red Card, Striker, Throw In, Tripping.

Golf: Best-ball Foursome, Bogey, Bunker, Caddie, Dormy, Fairway, Fourball, Foursome, Greed Holes, Links, Niblick, Par, Put, Rough, Stymied, Tee, Threesome.

Gymnastics: A-bars, Ariel, Blocks, Cone of Swing, Dish, Flairs, Giants, Inlocate, Kip, Planche, Tariff, Tumble, Virtuosity, Wrap.

Hockey: Advantage, Back-stick, Bully, Cary, Centre Forward, Corner, Dribble, Flick, Free-hit, Goal Line, Green Card, Halfway Line, Hat-trick, Off-side, Red Car, Roll -in, Scoop, Short Corner, Sixteen-yard hit, Square Pass, Stick, Striking Circle, Tackle, Tie-breaker, Zonal Marking.

Horse Racing: Jockey, Punt, Steeplechase, Thorough Bred.

Judo: Ashi-waza, chui, Dan, Dojo, Gyaku, Hajime, Ippon, Jigotai, Kaeshiwaza, Koka, Makikomi, Nage-waza, O-goshi, Randori, Scarf, Tani-Otoshi, Uchi-komvi, Waki-gatame, Yoshi, Yuko.

Karate: Age Zuki, Ai-uchi, Aka, Chakugan, Dachi, Encho Sen, Fudotachi, Gedan, Geri, Hajime, Ibuki, Jion, Kakato, Koka, Makiwara, Nidan, Obi, Rei, Sanbon, Shiro, Tobigeri, Ude, Waza-ari, Yoko-geri, Zanshin, Zen-no.

Polo: Bunker, Chukker, Mallet.

Rowing: Bow, Bucket, Cow, Ergometer, Feather, Paddle, Regatta.

Rugby Football: A Tackle, Lines, Scrum, Touch, Try.

Shooting: Bag, Bull’s Eye, Marksmanship, Muzzle, Plug.

Skiing: Tobogganing.

Swimming: Breast Stroke, Crawl.

Table Tennis: Anti Loop, Backspin, Chop, Loop, Penhold Grip, Push, Spin, Twiddle.

Tennis: Ace, Backhand Stroke, Deuce, Deep Volley, Deuce, Double Fault, Fault, Ground Stroke, Half Volley, Let, Love, Slice, Smash, Volley

Volleyball: Ace, Base-line, Blocking, Doubling, Foot Fault, Heave, Holding, Jump Set, Lob Pass, Love All, Point, Quick Smash, Scouting, Service, Spike, Tactical Ball, Volley, Windmill Service.

Objective Questions on Important Terms used in various Sports and Games

  1. The term Bunker is associated with which sports?
    (a) Chess

    (b) Polo
    (c) Swimming
    (d) Boxing
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (b) Polo
  2. The term Scissor is associated with which sports?
    (a) Badminton

    (b) Hockey
    (c) Karate
    (d) Wrestling
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (d) Wrestling
  3. The term Blocking is associated with which sports?
    (a) Table Tennis

    (b) Rugby Football
    (c) Judo
    (d) Volleyball
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (d) Volleyball
  4. The term Bull’s Eye is associated with which sports?
    (a) Basketball

    (b) Baseball
    (c) Shooting
    (d) Gymnastics
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (c) Shooting
  5. The term Bucket is associated with which sports?
    (a) Rowing

    (b) Polo
    (c) Horse Racing
    (d) Skiing
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (a) Rowing
  6. The term Red Card is associated with which sports?
    (a) Volleyball

    (b) Billiards
    (c) Cricket
    (d) Football
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (d) Football
  7. The term Forehand Smash is associated with which sports?
    (a) Volleyball

    (b) Badminton
    (c) Baseball
    (d) Golf
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (b) Badminton
  8. The term Put is associated with which sports?
    (a) Cricket

    (b) Golf
    (c) Karate
    (d) Chess
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (b) Golf
  9. The term Cannon is associated with which sports?
    (a) Billiards

    (b) Chess
    (c) Polo
    (d) Rowing
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (a) Billiards
  10. The term Cover Drive is associated with which sports?
    (a) Cricket

    (b) Football
    (c) Hockey
    (d) Lawn Tennis
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer: (a) Cricket

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