English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019


English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019

Here are the most important English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019

English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019 PDF Free Download for WBCS, SSC, IBPS (Clerk & PO), Rail (Gr. D, ASM, TTE), Food Sub Inspector, WB Police, Gram Panchayat, Postal Assistant, Agriculture, Court, PSC, LIC, CMAT and all other competitive exams.

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English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019 

  1. Who was sworn-in as the Chief Justice of the Chhattisgarh High Court?
    (A) Justice Ramachandra Menon

    (B) Justice Ajay Kumar Tripathi
    (C) Justice Alok Kumar Singh
    (D) Justice Vikram Sethi
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Justice Ramachandra Menon
    Explanation: Justice PR Ramachandra Menon was on May 6, 2019 sworn-in as the Chief Justice of the Chhattisgarh High Court. The office the Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh fell vacant after the resignation of Chief Justice Ajay Kumar Tripathi following his appointment as Judicial Member in the Lokpal.
  2. According to SIPRI, what is the rank of India in terms of the biggest military spenders in 2018?
    (A) 4th
    (B) 1st
    (C) 2nd
    (D) 5th
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) 4th
    Explanation: World’s military expenditure increased by 2.6 percent, reaching $1822 billion in 2018 with India along with United States, China, Saudi Arabia and France contributing 60 percent of the amount, according to the latest report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).
  3. Which organization launched the Malaria Elimination Research Alliance recently?
    (A) Indian Council of Medical Research
    (B) World Health Organisation
    (C ) Ministry of Women and Child Development
    (D) NABARD
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Indian Council of Medical Research
    Explanation: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recently launched the Malaria Elimination Research Alliance (MERA)- India and organized the Stakeholders’ Meeting at ICMR headquarters, New Delhi to have vibrant discussions on the roadmap of the Alliance.
  4. Which nation has launched Ramzan campaign to benefit over 2.5 million people in Yemen?
    (A) Bahrain
    (B) Saudi Arabia
    (C) Qatar
    (D) UAE
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) UAE
    Explanation: The UAE has launched its Ramzan campaign in Yemen, which will include a package of charity and humanitarian initiatives that will benefit over 2.5 million people, including 1.5 million children and 5 lakh women.
  5. Colored number plates have been mandatory proposed for all-electric vehicles in the country by the Indian Government. What is the color of that number plate?
    (A) Yellow
    (B) Green
    (C) Purple
    (D) Blue
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Green
    Explanation: The Indian government had earlier proposed a special green-colored number plate for all-electric vehicles in the country. The special number plate is supposed to have the vehicle number spelled out in white color on a green background.
  6. Where was the G7 Environment Ministers Meeting held to discuss climate crisis?
    (A) Rome, Italy

    (B) Metz, France
    (C) Ottawa, Canada
    (D) Paris, France
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Metz, France
    Explanation: The G7’s (Group of Seven) Environment Ministers from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States gathered for a 2-day meeting in Metz, France to discuss on steps required to handle deforestation, plastic pollution, depletion of coral reefs and ways to build pacts between the countries in order to achieve the target. IMF (International Monetary Fund) notified that the G7 nations have the 7 largest advanced economies globally, thus representing 58% of the net global wealth which amounts to 317 $ trillion.
  7. Which institution recently rejected a plea by 21 opposition parties for 50% VVPAT verification?
    (A)Election Commission of India
    (B) Supreme Court
    (C) Delhi High Court
    (D) Central Government
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Supreme Court
    Explanation: The Supreme Court on May 7, 2019, rejected the review petition filed by 21 opposition parties seeking 50 percent verification of Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) during the counting of votes in Lok Sabha Elections 2019.
  8. Who has been appointed as the first independent women director by BSE?
    (A) Swarnima Shukla
    (B) Manisha Bhatt
    (C) Jayshree Vyas
    (D) Nirmala Rai
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (C) Jayshree Vyas
    Explanation: BSE has finally appointed its first independent woman director Jayshree Vyas last week, though still late by at least a few weeks from the deadline of April 1 given to all top 500 listed companies based on their market capitalization for appointing an independent woman director on their board.
  9. Where was the 11th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting held?
    (A) Lappi Areena, Rovaniemi, Finland
    (B) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (C) Bergen, Oslo, Norway
    (D) Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Lappi Areena, Rovaniemi, Finland
    Explanation: On May 7, 2019, Finland held the 11th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Lappi Areena, Rovaniemi, Finland. The dignitaries from the 8 Arctic States had approved the work completed under the 2-year Finnish Chairmanship to enhance sustainable development and environmental conservation in the Arctic region.
  10. Name the father of modern legal education in India and Padma Shri awardee, who passed away recently.
    (A) Jayantilal Bhanusali
    (B) Dibyendu Palit
    (C) Pinaki Thakur
    (D) NR Madhava Menon
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) NR Madhava Menon
    Explanation: On 7th May 2019, Renowned academician and father of modern Indian Legal Education, Dr. Neelakanta Ramakrishna Madhava Menon (NR Madhava Menon) died at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram at the age of 84.
  11. What was the theme of the World Red Cross Day or Red Crescent Day 2019?
    (A) Theme – Less known Red Cross stories
    (B) Theme – #Love
    (C) Theme – Memorable smiles from around the world
    (D) Theme – Together for Humanity
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Theme – #Love
    Explanation: The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) celebrated the World Red Cross Day on May 8th. The theme of this year was “#Love. It is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of the founder of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Henry Dunant, who was born on 8 May 1828.
  12. John Michael Richardson, who is on a three-day official visit to India, met the Indian Chief of Naval Staff. Richardson is the chief of Naval Operations of which among the following countries?
    (A) Canada

    (B) Mexico
    (C) UK
    (D) US
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) US
    Explanation: His visit aims to further strengthen the strategic partnership between the two navies. Both the naval chiefs discussed issues related to joint operations and exercises, capacity building and capacity enhancement, training, information exchange, etc.
  13. Conference on Asian Civilizations Dialogue (CDAC), sometimes seen in the news, is being held in which among the following nations?
    (A) India

    (B) China
    (C) Russia
    (D) South Korea
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) China
    Explanation: Around six parallel sub-forums around the theme of Asian civilization will be hosted. Around 1500 experts from around the world, are invited to attend the conference. The conference aims to foster cooperation among Asian civilizations.
  14. Who won the Orange Cap in the 2019 IPL, becoming the first batsman to achieve the feat thrice in the tournament’s history?
    (A) David Warner
    (B) Virat Kohli
    (C) MS Dhoni
    (D) Rohit Sharma
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) David Warner
    Explanation: Warner amassed a total of 692 runs in the 12 matches he played this season. Before this edition, he had won the Orange Cap in 2015 and 2017.
  15. Who recently won the Purple Cap of Indian Premier League 2019?
    (A) Kagiso Rabada
    (B) Imran Tahir
    (C) Deepak Chahar
    (D) Jasprit Bumrah
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Imran Tahir
    Explanation: With 26 wickets in 63 overs, Imran Tahir became the highest wicket-taker this season of IPL. It is worth mentioning that Pragyan Ojha was the only spinner before Tahir to have won the Purple Cap in IPL.
  16. _______ has become the first woman to be part of the ICC’s panel of international match referees.
    (A) GS Lakshmi

    (B) Niranjana Rai
    (C) Gunjan Chopra
    (D) Aditi Lekhi
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer- (A) GS Lakshmi
    Explanation: Lakshmi was a right-hand batsman & right-arm outswing bowler. She played from 1986 to 2004. She is eligible to officiate in international matches with immediate effect.
  17. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO) has offered which among the following countries an ‘Observer’ status and access to state-of-art International Monitoring System (IMS) data?
    (A) Pakistan

    (B) China
    (C) India
    (D) North Korea
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer  – (C) India
    Explanation: The 1996 CTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty) bans all nuclear explosions, everywhere and by everyone. It is worth mentioning the International Monitoring System (IMS) (when complete) will consist of 337 facilities located in 89 countries.
  18. Which among the following announced the launch of ‘Mosquito Disease Protection Policy’?
    (A) PNB Metlife

    (B) Max Life
    (C) Exide Life
    (D) HDFC ERGO General Insurance
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) HDFC ERGO General Insurance
    Explanation: Common mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya, lymphatic filariasis, and zika virus, would be covered under this scheme. It also provides international cover to individuals besides covering all the vector-borne diseases.
  19. Which country has recently launched 19th and 20th Type 052D Luyang III-class guided-missile destroyers?
    (A) China

    (B) Russia
    (C) Israel
    (D) India
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) India
    Explanation: Type 052D guided missile destroyers are alternatively constructed in Dalian or at the Jiangnan shipyard. The destroyers are multipurpose surface combatants. The Type 052D can also carry antisubmarine warfare (ASW) helicopters.
  20. Scientists from _________________ have created the world’s smallest pixels, by trapping particles of light under tiny rocks of gold.
    (A) University of Cambridge

    (B) Stanford University
    (C) Harvard University
    (D) Brown University
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) University of Cambridge
    Explanation: They have been developed by scientists from the University of Cambridge in the UK. They are compatible with roll-to-roll fabrication on flexible plastic films. The pixels could enable a host of new application possibilities.
    English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019
  21. Who was honored with the 2019 McCain Institute Award for Courage and Leadership recently?
    (A) Alka Lamba

    (B) Chhaya Sharma
    (C) Priyanka Gandhi
    (D) Naveen Ranjan
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Chhaya Sharma
    Explanation: It is worth mentioning that Sharma has led teams in the detection and investigation of sensitive criminal cases. While solving Nirbhaya’s case is considered as the biggest milestone of her career.
  22. International Nurses Day (IND) is observed around the world on ______.
    (A) 11th May

    (B) 12th May
    (C) 13th May
    (D) 14th May
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) 12th May
    Explanation: It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. Her far-sighted ideas and reforms have greatly transformed the modern healthcare.
  23. __________ has/have been named as the wealthiest people in the UK for a third time, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.
    (A) Sir Jim Ratcliffe

    (B) Sri & Gopi Hinduja
    (C) Valerie Moran
    (D) Jorn Rausing
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Sri & Gopi Hinduja
    Explanation: With a fortune of 22 billion pounds, Indian-origin brothers (Sri & Gopi Hinduja) dominate the annual rich list of Britain’s wealthiest.
  24. Who is all set to come out with his debut novel “Dopehri”?
    (A) Narendra Modi

    (B) Pankaj Kapur
    (C) Lalu Yadav
    (D) Mamta Banerjee
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Pankaj Kapur
    Explanation: It will be published by HarperCollins later this year. It would be in three editions—Hindi (in Urdu script), Hindi (in Devanagari script) and in English.
  25. Which among the following recently launched India’s 1st UPI Bahi Khata For Merchants?
    (A) FreeCharge

    (B) PayTm
    (C) Bharat Pe
    (D) Google Tez
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (C) Bharat Pe
    Explanation: This app allows merchants to record their cash/credit sales. It also serves as a networking platform for merchants to connect with other merchants on this platform.
  26. Which among the following team beat Chennai Super Kings by 1 run in the 2019 Indian Premier League (IPL) final?
    (A) Kings XI Punjab

    (B) Mumbai Indians
    (C) Delhi Capitals
    (D) RCB
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Mumbai Indians
    Explanation: It is worth mentioning that Rohit Sharma maintained his 100% record in IPL finals. As he has led Mumbai Indians to their record-breaking 4th title.
  27. Who has been appointed the president of the United Nations General Assembly?
    (A) Muhammad Bande
    (B) Rita Duggal
    (C) Saddam Buhari
    (D) Imran Khusro
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer  – (A) Muhammad Bande  Explanation: He is the second Nigerian to be president of the UN General Assembly. It is worth mentioning that between 2000 and 2004, he served as Director-General of CAFRAD, Africa’s premier intergovernmental center for governance reform.
  28. Islamic State (IS) has claimed for the first time that it has established a “province” in which among the following countries?
    (A) India

    (B) Afghanistan
    (C) Sri Lanka
    (D) Myanmar
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) India 
    Explanation: After a clash between militants and security forces, IS has claimed for the very first time that it has established a “province” in India. It called the new province, as “Wilayah of Hind”.
  29. This year’s World Migratory Bird Day is dedicated to highlighting the problem of pollution with the theme: __________________.
    (A) Save Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution

    (B) Protect Birds: Be the Key to Plastic Pollution
    (C) Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Pollution
    (D) Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution
    Explanation: It’s an annual awareness-raising campaign. It highlights the need for the conservation of migratory birds & their habitats.
  30. Dachigam National Park, sometimes seen in the news, is in which among the following states?
    (A) Kerala

    (B) Odisha
    (C) Punjab
    (D) Jammu & Kashmir
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Jammu & Kashmir 
    Explanation: The park is famous for its unique and diverse wildlife and bird species. It contains the last viable Hangul population in the world.
  31. Kamakhya Temple, sometimes seen in the news, is in which among the following states?
    (A) Telangana
    (B) Assam
    (C) Madhya Pradesh
    (D) Punjab
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Assam
    Explanation: It is located on the Nilachal hill in Guwahati (Assam). In the 17th century, it was rebuilt by the King of Cooch Bihar Nara Naryana. It has a fertility festival each year called ‘Ambuwasi Puja’ when Devi goes through her menstrual cycle.
  32. The world’s first exclusive women’s cricket magazine has been recently launched. Name the magazine.
    (A) CricWomen

    (B) CricZone
    (C) CricNari
    (D) CricShakti
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) CricZone
    Explanation: The publisher of the magazine is Yash Lahoti. Smriti Mandhana has been featured as the cover story. The event has been held on the sidelines of the inaugural women’s T20 challenge.
  33. Which among the following countries unveiled “Global Health Security Strategy”?
    (A) France
    (B) US
    (C) Spain
    (D) Germany
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) US
    Explanation: The Global Health Security Strategy focuses on 3 interrelated goals i.e. strengthening partner country’s capacities, increasing international support and preparing homeland resilient against health threats.
  34. Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka was sworn in as the new Chief Justice of the ____________.
    (A) Punjab & Haryana HC

    (B) Allahabad HC
    (C) Delhi HC
    (D) Karnataka HC
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Karnataka HC
    Explanation: It is worth mentioning that he started his practice in the Thane District Court. His transfer from the Bombay HC was notified some weeks ago.
  35. The Indian Army is commemorating this year (2019) as the ____________.
    (A) Year of Ex-servicemen

    (B) Year of Welfare
    (C) Year of Widows’ Welfare
    (D) Year of Next of Kin
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Year of Next of Kin (NOK)
    Explanation: In light of most next of kin of deceased soldiers is unaware of the financial benefits, this issue has gained importance.
  36. Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first vaccine against dengue fever named _________.
    (A) Dengvaxia

    (B) DenguePhobia
    (C) DengX1-T2
    (D) DengChloro
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Dengvaxia
    Explanation: It can only be used in individuals aged 9-16 where the dengue virus is endemic Only those children who have had one previous laboratory-confirmed case of dengue, can be given this vaccine.
  37. ________ operated the world’s first zero-waste commercial flight recently.
    (A) SpiceJet
    (B) Air India
    (C) Emirates
    (D) Qantas
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Qantas Explanation: The QF737 service, produced no landfill waste. The airline teamed up with composting solutions company BioPak.
  38. ____________ reclaimed the status of the country’s most valued firm by market valuation.
    (A) Infosys

    (B) TCS
    (C) Reliance Industries Limited
    (D) HDFC
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer  – (B) TCS
    Explanation: Surpassing Reliance Industries Limited, TCS reclaimed the status of the country’s most valued firm by market valuation. The m-cap of TCS stood at ₹8, 13,779.67 crore.
  39. Daniel Wellington, has got on-board actor __________ as its brand ambassador.
    (A) Shahrukh Khan

    (B) Priyanka Chopra
    (C) Deepika Padukone
    (D) Ayushman Khurana
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Ayushman Khurana Explanation: Daniel Wellington’s association with Khurana is expected to give the brand push besides helping connect with consumers across India. It is worth mentioning that Daniel Wellington is a Swedish brand which was founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander.
  40. National Technology Day is observed on ___________ every year.
    (A) 10th May
    (B) 11th May
    (C) 12th May
    (D) 15th May
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) 11th May
    Explanation: On this day, India tested Shakti-I nuclear missile in Rajasthan. It is worth mentioning that these tests evolved various sanctions against India by US and Japan. Notably, this day also marks the Hansa-3’s flight.
    English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019
  41. __________ has spelled “responsibility” as “responsibilty” on millions of new banknotes which came into circulation last year.
    (A) State Bank of Pakistan

    (B) Federal Reserve
    (C) RBI
    (D) Reserve Bank of Australia
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Reserve Bank of Australia Explanation: This typographical error was neglected by the Reserve Bank of Australia before printing and circulation. Still, the bank does not plan to pull the notes from circulation.
  42. _________ will acquire the iconic British toy-maker Hamleys for 67.96 million pounds.
    (A) Samsung

    (B) Reliance
    (C) Infosys
    (D) TCS
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Reliance
    Explanation: Hamleys is a 259-year-old toy-maker. In recent times, it has struggled to generate profits. In 1760, Hamleys started with a single-store shop, Noah’s Ark. This acquisition will catapult Reliance Brands to be a dominant player in this industry.
  43. Engineers from __________ have developed a microprocessor called AJIT.
    (A) IIT-Bombay

    (B) IIT-Madras
    (C) IIT-Delhi
    (D) IIT-Goa
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) IIT-Bombay
    Explanation: Madhav Desai & his team of nine researchers have designed, developed this processor entirely at the institute. Notably, the Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research is planning to use AJIT.
  44. Which among the following countries reported its first ever case of monkeypox?
    (A) Singapore

    (B) India
    (C) Indonesia
    (D) Pakistan
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Singapore
    Explanation: Singapore reported its first ever case of monkeypox. Reportedly, it was brought in by a Nigerian man. Outside Africa, such infections had only been previously reported in Israel, US & Britain.
  45. ________ has become the second country in the world to declare the climate emergency.
    (A) Ireland
    (B) Russia
    (C) Germany
    (D) India
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer  – (A) Ireland
    Explanation: Eamon Ryan, proposed this amendment in Parliament of Ireland. Ryan currently heads the Irish Green Party. Notably, Britain has the distinction of being the 1st country globally to declare such an emergency.
  46. The new species of reddish-brown pit viper (a venomous snake with a unique heat sensing system) was found recently in which among the following states?
    (A) Bihar
    (B) Assam
    (C) Nagaland
    (D) Arunachal Pradesh
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer  – (D) Arunachal Pradesh
    Explanation: It was reportedly found in a forest in West Kameng district (AP). While conducting biodiversity surveys in Arunachal Pradesh, Pune-based team found this snake.
  47. Apache Guardian helicopter was formally handed over to the IAF at Boeing production facility in ______.
    (A) Russia
    (B) USA
    (C) Israel
    (D) France
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) USA
    Explanation: In Sep 2015, IAF had signed a contract with USA and M/s Boeing Ltd for 22 Apache helicopters. It’s addition is a significant step towards modernisation of IAF’s helicopter fleet. It has the capability to carry out precision attacks at standoff ranges.
  48. ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount), sometimes seen in the news, is a process developed by _____.
    (A) RBI

    (B) SEBI
    (C) NITI Aayog
    (D) SBI
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) SEBI
    Explanation: ASBA provides an alternative mode of payment in issues. In this system, the application money remains in the investor’s account till finalization of basis of allotment.
  49. Puma India has recently announced ____________ as the brand ambassador for India in a two-year deal.
    (A) Sara Ali Khan

    (B) Aamir Khan
    (C) Ranbeer Kapoor
    (D) Shilpa Shetty
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Sara Ali Khan Explanation: Khan would be one of the leading faces of PUMA in the country. She’d promote both its sportstyle & training business. She will also be the face of the brands’ key product stories soon.
  50. Which among the following states has inducted women commandos in the District Reserve Guard, its frontline anti-Naxal force?
    (A) Jharkhand

    (B) Chattisgarh
    (C) UP
    (D) Tamil Nadu
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Chattisgarh
    Explanation: Chattisgarh has inducted women commandos in the District Reserve Guard (DRG) it’s frontline anti-Naxal force. The number of platoons of the DRG in Dantewada now stands at six, with the induction of the women commando contingent.
  51. Who has been elected as Vice-President of Geneva-based International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (IMMA)?
    (A) Sunil Lamba

    (B) Divakar Mukherjee
    (C) Rakesh Sharma
    (D) Satish Mishra
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (C) Rakesh Sharma
    Explanation: From across the world, IMMA has membership from various manufacturers associations. Sharma was elected during the annual general meeting of (IMMA) at Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  52. ___________ has decided to merge its broadband satellite, or VSAT, business with that of market leader Hughes Communications. 
    (A) Vodafone
    (B) Airtel
    (C) Reliance Jio
    (D) Aircel
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Airtel
    Explanation: Hughes Communications will own 67% share of the new entity. It is worth mentioning that VSAT is becoming a critical technology for offering high-speed data (especially 4G services).
  53. _________ introduced the world’s highest-resolution image sensor, with 64 megapixels for smartphones.
    (A) Samsung

    (B) Nokia
    (C) Oppo
    (D) Micromax
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Samsung
    Explanation: The sensors are currently sampling. According to the reports, they’re expected to go into mass production in the 2nd half of this year. It is worth mentioning that Samsung has been actively promoting its system semiconductor products.
  54. India now has its own natural ice café, built at a height of 14000 ft above the sea level in _________.
    (A) Shimla
    (B) Darjeeling
    (C) Ladakh
    (D) Jammu
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer  – (C) Ladakh
    Explanation: This has been built by India’s Border Road Organisation. The idea for this was inspired by the works of Sonam Wangchuk. It serves its customers with tea, coffee, and noodles.
  55. Igor Stimac is set to become the next coach of men’s national team of which among the following countries?
    (A) India
    (B) Pakistan
    (C) France
    (D) Croatia
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) India
    Explanation: His name has been recommended by the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) technical committee. The AIFF had received around 250 applications.
  56. Who has been appointed a member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal, London?
    (A) R Sikri
    (B) Harsh Misra
    (C) KS Radhakrishnan
    (D) Ranjan Gogoi
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (C) KS Radhakrishnan
    Explanation: It is worth mentioning that he served as a judge of the SC between 2009 and 2014. He originally hails from Kerala He has been appointed to serve as a member of the Tribunal for a 4-year term.
  57. ______ has joined hands with IIT-Kharagpur to jointly carry out applied research on 5G and artificial intelligence.
    (A) Infosys

    (B) Wipro
    (C) TCS
    (D) Microsoft
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Wipro
    Explanation: Both will jointly take up applied research projects on industry challenges. In the past, IT services firms have collaborated with IITs to work complex technology research.
  58. ____________ recorded 695 cases of measles in 2019, the most of any year since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000.
    (A) France
    (B) US
    (C) Russia
    (D) Germany
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) US
    Explanation: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s primarily the result of a few large outbreaks. Its resurgence is linked to a growing anti-vaccine movement in developed countries.
  59. Milk brand Amul will be the principal sponsor of the cricket team of _______ for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup.
    (A) Afghanistan

    (B) India
    (C) Pakistan
    (D) Sri Lanka
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Afghanistan
    Explanation: It is worth mentioning that people of Afghanistan recognize Amul as a strong model of rural upliftment & women empowerment. Notably, it exports its milk powders and baby food there for last 2 decades.
    English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019
  60. ‘Game Changer’, sometimes seen in the news, is the riveting memoir of ________.
    (A) MS Dhoni

    (B) Narendra Modi
    (C) Rahul Dravid
    (D) Shahid Afridi
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Shahid Afridi
    Explanation: In the book, Shahid describes his teammate Waqar Younis as a mediocre captain. But, now a petition has been filed in the Sindh High Court to ban his book. The petition has been filed by advocate Abdul Jalil Khan Marwat.
  61. Who has been re-elected with the highest number of votes by the UN Economic and Social Council to a five-year term on the International Narcotics Control Board? 
    (A) Jagjit Pavadia
    (B) Ramesh Singhania
    (C) Tarun Vajpayee
    (D) Syed Ahmed
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Jagjit Pavadia
    Explanation: Being a member of IRS, Ms. Pavadia is a former Narcotics Commissioner of India. She got 44 of the 54 votes whereas China’s candidate got only half with 22. The INCB was established in 1968. It monitors the implementation of the UN’s international drug control conventions.
    English Current Affairs GK MCQ: 8-14 May 2019
  62. Which state government ordered all schools to ensure that the weight of a child’s schoolbag doesn’t exceed 10% of the weight of the child?
    (A) Kerala

    (B) Punjab
    (C) Tamil Nadu
    (D) Karnataka
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (D) Karnataka
    Explanation: It is worth mentioning that the weight of a child’s school bag has been a contested issue for long. According to the circular, all schools have to follow textbooks prescribed by SCERT, NCERT & CBSE.
  63. A three-eyed snake dubbed ‘Monty Python’ was recently found in _______.
    (A) Australia

    (B) US
    (C) Greenland
    (D) Mozambique
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Australia
    Explanation: The juvenile carpet python, was found on the Arnhem Highway. According to reports, the extra eye wasn’t the result of two heads forged together. Rather, it’s a natural malformation.
  64. India and ________ will co-produce a film on the life and works of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
    (A) Myanmar
    (B) Indonesia
    (C) Sri Lanka
    (D) Bangladesh
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer  – (D) Bangladesh
    Explanation: According to the reports, this film will be directed by acclaimed filmmaker Shyam Benegal. The Bangladesh delegation assured full cooperation in ensuring smooth logistics.
  65. ________ had appointed celebrity couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as its first brand ambassadors.
    (A) Flipkart
    (B) Myntra
    (C) Amazon
    (D) Snapdeal
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Myntra
    Explanation: After men’s ethnic wear brand Manyavar, this might be the couple’s second big brand endorsement deal. An integrated campaign called ‘Go Myntra-la-la’ has also been launched.
  66. Visa recently announced the appointment of __________ as Head of Marketing for India and South Asia-
    (A) Sujatha V Kumar

    (B) Meenakshi Munjal
    (C) Navjot Gill
    (D) Reva Chaudhary
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (A) Sujatha V Kumar
    Explanation: Sujatha was with Google as Head – Brand & Reputation, Marketing & Strategy, prior to this appointment. She started her career at Procter & Gamble. She has rich experience in sales and marketing across companies such as Gillette, Nokia, etc.
  67. World Red Cross Day, is observed every year on _______.
    (A) May 7
    (B) May 8
    (C) May 9
    (D) May 10
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) May 8
    Explanation: This day is a gentle nod to all the volunteers who have made an unparalleled contribution to people in duress or need. It commemorates the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. This day is dedicated to alleviating human suffering & upholding human dignity.
  68. World Thalassemia Day, sometimes seen in the news, is observed on _______.
    (A) May 1

    (B) May 4
    (C) May 8
    (D) May 13
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (C) May 8
    Explanation: The theme for International Thalassemia Day, 2019 is ‘Universal access to quality thalassemia healthcare services: Building bridges with and for patients’. International Thalassemia Day is celebrated annually on 8th May.
  69. Which among the following unveiled the election software named Election Guard recently?
    (A) Google

    (B) Microsoft
    (C) Samsung
    (D) Apple
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Microsoft
    Explanation: Thus software will safeguard the election process rendering it fool-proof and authentic. The primary aim of the kit is to give a voter the power to track his/her vote. It comes with an informative feature, which allows the voter to gain relevant information on the candidates in their constituency.
  70. Who has become the second most-followed politician in the world with a social media audience of 110,912,648 million?
    (A) Donald Trump

    (B) Narendra Modi
    (C) Barack Obama
    (D) Rahul Gandhi
    Correct Answer
    Correct Answer – (B) Narendra Modi
    Explanation: According to the SaaS platform SEMrush, with a social media audience of 110,912,648 million, Indian PM Modi has become the second most-followed politician in the world. He has overtaken US President Trump who has 96 million followers globally. While Rahul Gandhi has accumulated 12 million followers.

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