Current Affairs PDF Download: October 2018 [English]

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Q.1)    Which ministry has partnered with Google to launch the Loo Review campaign?
[a] Ministry of Environment
[b] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
[c] Ministry of Rural Development
[d] Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
[e] Ministry of Labour and Employment

Q.2)    Who launched India’s first flood forecast system with $1 MN assistance from ADB?
[a] Kolkata            
[b] Mumbai
[c] New Delhi          
[d] Hyderabad
[e] Bengaluru

Q.3)    India plans to eliminate open defecation completely by which year?
[a] 2021                 
[b] 2019
[c] 2023                
[d] 2025
[e] 2020

Q.4)  Who has signed an agreement with cloud services provider Oracle to curb the distribution of fake drugs using new technologies?
[a] Ministry of Power
[b] Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
[c] Ministry of Human Resource and Development
[d] Government of India
[e] NITI Aayog

Q.5)    The railway ministry inks pact with which tech giant to launch rail heritage digitization project?
[a] Google  
[b] Microsoft
[c] Amazon   
[d] Facebook
[e] None of these

Q.6)    Goa and which country signed MoU for water, sewage management for 2 years?
[a] Portugal
[b] Sweden
[c] France    
[d] Germany
[e] Norway

Q.7)    JICA has agreed to provide an Official Development Assistance (OD[A] loan of around how much amount for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail project?
[a] Rs.5, 400 crores           
[b] Rs.5, 300 crores
[c] Rs.5, 500 crores
[d] Rs.6, 500 crores

[e] Rs.6, 400 crores

Q.8)    Who has been elected as the chairman of the Press Trust of India (PTI)?
[a] Surya Kumar     
[b] N. Ravi
[c] Sasi Kumar       

[d] Ranjan Kumar
[e] Bhavanivel MK

Q.9)    The British racing driver Lewis Hamilton plays for which of the following company?
[a] Red Bull             
[b] Ferrari
[c] Mercedes       
[d] Sauber
[e] Renault

Q.10)  What is the theme of International Day of Older Persons?
[a] Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions, and Participation of Older Persons in Society
[b] Take a Stand Against Ageism United Nations for Ageing
[c] Celebrating Older Human Rights Champions
[d] None of these
[e] Leaving No One Behind: Promoting a Society for All

Q.11)  What is the capital of Uzbekistan?
[a] Sofia      
[b] Bogota
[c] Nicosia    
[d] Tashkent
[e] Asmara

Q.12)  The first corn festival of India is being held in which of the following state?
[a] Maharashtra      
[b] Karnataka
[c] Telangana          
[d] Jharkhand
[e] Madhya Pradesh

Q.13)  The first Multinational Maritime Exercise ‘IBSAMAR-VI’ is between which of the following countries?
[a] India, Cyprus, and Croatia
[b] India, Brazil and South Africa
[c] India, Ghana,
and Brazil
[d] India, Kenya, and Mali
[e] India, France, and Egypt

Q.14) Who has been appointed as the new president of Iraq?
[a] Hadi Al-Amiri      
[b] Muqtada al-Sadr
[c] Fuad Hussein       
[d] Barham Salih
[e] Haider al-Abadi

Q.15)  What is the currency of Iraq?
[a] Yuan       
[b] Dinar
[c] Peso       

[d] Krone
[e] Koruna

Current Affairs PDF Download: October 2018 [English]

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